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I set a goal for myself to publish a book a year and so in 2015 I published An Unfair Advantage, in 2016, The Selfie, and in 2017 Body of Evidence.  Then, later that year when Don McNelly passed away, I released a 2nd edition of The Madman The Marathoner in 2017.  By the end of 2017, I managed to put out another book entitled, Playground In My Mind.  In September of 2018 I put out my lastest book, Love Will Find A Way.  

I received requests to change "The Selfie" into a smaller, easier to handle book and came out in 2018 with Mastering Girlhood To Womanhood.  There are five books in the series to cover more detailed and more coverage of self-development.

In keeping with my goal, I will also release a new, fiction title before the end of 2018.

Check out my books.  I hope you find them interesting and inspiring.


Juanita Tischendorf


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Juanita Tischendorf